About Us


Our mission


Our mission is to build Swiss Made watches with original designs, high-end components, premium movements, all at a reasonable price. To build an offer unmatched on both the technical and the financial part. At the early preorder price, it’s one of the best offer on the market.

Our motivation is to help watch enthusiasts around the world to own something with a great value, for a fraction of what big brands would sell it for. 
Realizing this project is a very delicate process, where only the most refined materials and elements are sourced in order to make the Sputnik an incredible watch. Without the four digits price tag, and yet offering the same technical specifications as a lot of watches costing a thousand dollars and more !
Join us in this exclusive project and discover the Gruman experience !


The Team


Gruman is the result of a collaboration between a young and passionate watch enthusiast,
and a watch veteran with experience in the business for more than 10 years. 
Mehran : 
Watch enthusiast and consultant.
Take care of : Design, watchmaking related decisions, manufacturing process follow up, social medias & marketing, website management, newsletter.
Location : Switzerland.
Gert : 
Veteran in the watch business for more than 10 years. Lead a sucessful E-Fullfillment company.
Take care of : Administration, financials, logistics/fullfillment, shipping, warranty & service organization.
Location : The Netherlands.