Terms & Conditions

As most Microbrands enthusiasts are used to, we launched our project using the PREORDER sales model. This gives a chance to people to buy our watches at great discount. Price will raise gradually along the sales until it reach the final retail price.

When the preorder closes, the price will raise SIGNIFICANTLY. 

Since this is a Preorder, all purchase are finals. Production is paid for, so no refund is possible on Preorder phase as the production is soon finished.

The PREORDER takes place on THIS website using Paypal's safe gateway payment.
This is a PREORDER Project, on the similar concept as one would make on Kickstarter. 
You will receive regular updates with pictures of production, and informations on the making until you get your watch.
As always a watch production is full of challenges, however we are exclusively working with experienced manufacturers who built parts and watches for both big micro and macro brands. Short delays are very common in the microbrands business. We're planning to deliver on time but should it happens, don't worry, you'll be kept informed of the situation.




We started the manufacturing process already since a few months, now we're mostly waiting on movements. They take a while to be made because of the modifications and high end decorations we're asking for. There cannot be ready stocks for custom order like this one. Once the movements will be ready, everything will go through a very rigorous QC Process with a team of Swiss watchmakers in La-Chaux-de-Fonds and of course the Gruman Team to supervise the whole operation.
The watches should be ready to fly to our backers by mid January.
Potential delays taken in account.




After numerous round of Quality Control in Switzerland (La-Chaux-de-Fonds),
shipping will be made from our Headquarters in the Netherlands. Gert is the owner a successful fullfillment company, his warehouse is equipped with great technologies and the organisation there is very meticulous. We will be using DHL for shipping.


WARRANTY and Returns


We stand by our product and offer a 2 years warranty on manufacture defects on both the watch components and the movement.
We will go through a lot of Quality Control Checkpoints with Professional watchmakers in Switzerland, for both the movement and the components. But IF the impossible should happens and something will be wrong with your watch when it arrives, contact us BEFORE anything else. 
Any disassembly or modification of the watch will cancel the warranty. We will provide personalized instructions and service according to your situation upon presentation of the issue (photos, videos, explanations, ...)
To accept a return based on manufacture defect we require the full original packaging and that the watch would not have been subject to unnecessary/unreasonable abuse.